2017 Individual Winners

Veterinarians: Kerri Marshall

  • Pioneered the creation of Trupanion Express
  • Co-Founder Nanoport Technologies, CVO Babelbark
  • Founding Management Team, Banfield

Veterinary Tech/Nurses: Lindsay Peltier

  • Veterinary Technician
  • Telecommuting across the country as a hospital manager

Practice Managers: Cassie Sizemore

  • Developed a new practice management model
  • Increased employee engagement to nearly 100%
  • Increased revenue 20%

Students: Kaitlin McDaniel

  • Co-founder, House Collars Concierge Vet Techs
  • National VP, VBMA
  • Second year veterinary student

Other: Jill Taylor

  • Forefront of telemedicine development for Banfield
  • Active in Innovation Learning Network
  • Continually micro-testing innovative solutions
2017 Organizational Winners

Hospitals and Practices: Lap of Love

  • Network of 90 Veterinarians
  • Working in over 50,000 homes
  • Unique hospice and end of life care for geriatric animals

Corporations/Industry: VETgirl

  • RACE approved platform for webinars, videos, blogs, and real-life rounds
  • Provides immediately accessible learning

Non-Profit Associations: Pet Peace of Mind

  • Ensures animals receive humane treatment when owners are no longer able to care for them

Academic Institutions: Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic

  • Veterinary practice inside a technical high school
  • Provides care to low income clients
  • Unique training for 4th year DVM students

Other: American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

  • Developed Service Animal Eye Exam Event
  • Over 52,000 free screenings (8K/yr)
  • Has saved owners more than $2.6MM