Nominate an Organization 
These are those hospitals, companies, associations and academic institutions that have either fostered a consistent commitment of innovation or have developed an innovative product, program, procedure, practice, legislation or delivered a value to the veterinary healthcare team that changes the way they either practiced medicine or enhanced personal well being. There are five subcategories:

  • Hospitals and Practices (either stand-alone, groups or corporations)
  • Corporations/Industry
  • Non-Profit Associations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Other

  • Please Note:

    Nominations open on February 5, 2017 and will close on May 1, 2017.

    There is no cost to nominate an individual or organization.

    You must be a member of the animal health profession to nominate an individual or organization.

    You can nominate as many individuals or organizations as you feel are deserving of an award.

    Individual award recipients must be alive at the time of nomination.

    Comprehensive award nominations will be viewed favorably. Supporting documentation and video files uploaded to demonstrate both the innovation and its impact are encouraged.
    The VIC and NAVC board, advisory board, and committee members, as well as sponsors, do not influence the outcome of VIC Innovation Award voting. As such these individuals are eligible to participate in the award program if nominated in the individual and/or organizational categories. If a conflict of interest arises during the award administration process due to a personal relationship with the award nominee, the Advisory Board member or impacted individual will recuse themselves from the validation and discussion about that particular nominee.