About the VIC Innovation Awards 

The Veterinary Innovation Council’s Innovation Awards (VIC Awards) is positioned to be an annual program that is designed to take a look back and recognize those people and organizations who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the animal health industry through innovations that make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere.

The Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) believes that this recognition is best positioned from a grassroots level and fosters the spirit of Community that is so prevalent within the profession.  With that in mind, the nominees will be crowdsourced with all members of the veterinary healthcare profession being able to nominate the people, organizations, product, practices and services that have made a difference in how they practice veterinary medicine.  Nominations will include how these innovations helped animals thrive as well as the overall business impact including how the business of animal health has become more efficient, accessible or viable as a result of the innovation.

Nominations open in February 2017 and close on May 1, 2017. Final voting begins on July 1, 2017 and will close on September 30, 2017. The winners will receive their awards at VMX 2018.

Advisory Board

The main function of the VIC Awards Advisory Board is to review and evaluate the crowd-sourced nominations submitted for award consideration and determine which nominations proceed to the voting stage. To do this, Advisory Board Members will rely on guidelines, developed by the VIC Awards Committee, to evaluate and rank the nominations for innovation and impact and perform quality assurance checks for form completion, category alignment, and overall submission requirements.

The Advisory Board will be comprised of individuals that reflect the veterinary community across a range of disciplines, roles, and associations to assure that short-listed innovations are representative of the veterinary industry as a whole. The positions are voluntary and receive no remuneration except recognition in communications related to the awards. If you are interested in participating in the Advisory Board please contact VIC@NAVC.com.

The VIC and NAVC board, advisory board, and committee members, as well as sponsors, do not influence the outcome of VIC Innovation Award voting. As such these individuals are eligible to participate in the award program if nominated in the individual and/or organizational categories. If a conflict of interest arises during the award administration process due to a personal relationship with the award nominee, the Advisory Board member or impacted individual will recuse themselves from the validation and discussion about that particular nominee.

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